Infrastructure development and new technology in Kenya

Infrastructure which is still one of our main challenges in Kenya will have a great impact in our economy. The standard gauge railway dubbed ‘Madaraka Express railway’ in which the second phase, phase 2A, which is 120 kilometres long from Nairobi to Naivasha has been approved although the actual construction has not been started.

The standard gauge railway, 1435mm in gauge as compared to the 1000mm metre in gauge previously used in Kenya provides interconnectivity between countries due to a common gauge size and it also provides for faster moving passenger and cargo trains due to stability.

The railway passes through the escarpments of Mai Mahiu and behind the Longonot Mountains from the perspective of one in the Longonot Gate project which is just at the foot of the beautiful Mt. Longonot. Well over 50% of the world uses the standard gauge railway. There is also a dry port to be set up in Naivasha enhancing infrastructure in the region.

Longonot Gate has set aside 10 acres to build a modern referral and training hospital which we advise investors to invest in to better our medical infrastructure for treatment in Kenya rather than having to travel abroad and having exorbitant expenses on your bill.

There is also 20 acres set aside for a dam which is currently underway as well as a dam to service the 18-hole golf course area approximately 700 acres and several boreholes in the gated community. This will ensure that there will never be scarcity of water.

There is a 95 kilometre cabro paved road network also currently underway which has already been excavated and road base material as well as kerbs put in place, currently remaining the laying of quarry dust so as to start cabro paving. To service the cars on this network shall be two one acre pieces of land set aside for petrol stations one near each gate. Drainage on the road side is also almost complete.

here New design technologies in Kenya.

In our projects, there is the incorporation of sustainable technologies like the use of eco-friendly biofilter septic tank systems whereby the solid waste is separated from the liquid, the solid waste then decomposes hence stays for longer without the need of removing the waste while the liquid waste may be used around the garden or recycled or to drain pipes.

The Longonot Gate, owing to its name, has large entrance structures on both entrances from the Old Naivasha road and the main Naivasha route.

The gates are also almost through with basically the finishes only remaining whereby from the top to half there will be concrete finish and the lower half will be of mazeras finish.

Kenya has been gradually changing from traditional methods of constructing houses to more advanced methods that are set to reduce the amount of financing of major projects through use of efficient equipments and well designed plans and schedules for the projects. Resorts and Cities Development Company has incorporated some of these technological advancements in Kenya owing to the need of efficiency in cost and time management in construction.

We give you the option of using the traditional stone and mortar houses or using the cast concrete method which has been in Kenya for some time but never really been exploited as much. By using the precast concrete method it is possible to complete your house in less than 6 months.

Also with the precast method there is really no need of using plaster so as to paint them as the surfaces are already smoothened to finish hence only the need of cleaning them and ensuring all cracks are sealed, applying concrete primer and painting on them. Most projects in fact in urban areas are incorporating such methods and they have really done exceptionally.

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Resorts and Cities Superb Homes

Superb Home Properties Within A World-Class Golf Resort City.

Africa’s Leading World Class Luxury Golf Resorts Developing Company Resorts and Cities’ Luxury Real Estate Properties are comprised of Commercial plots, Golf villas and Holiday/Retirement home properties located within the beautiful landscapes of Naivasha (Longonot Gate Luxury Golf City) and the scenic views of Makuyu (Makuyu Ridge Luxury Golf City) which are both World-Class Luxury Golf Resort Cities with an 18 Hole World Championship Golf Course within each of their projects.

Home properties within the Resorts and Cities projects that fall under the luxury category easily become a first pick among the many wealthy individuals from all around the world who choose to live within one of the most captivating destinations in the country today.

The fact that Kenya offers people with an amazing opportunity to experience life at its best is definitely something that has been made apparent as the region has such strong tourism activity. In fact, the region has always been considered to be one of the best places holiday makers from all over the world in the African continent. Of course, the vast majority of people who do have the chance to visit Kenya tend to wish for the opportunity to stay and many of them do, especially those who actually have the financial capabilities to make such dreams happen. And what better option for anyone to consider than the amazing selection of Kenya’s best and most promising Luxury Real Estate Development options which are available at Longonot Gate Luxury Golf City & Makuyu Ridge Luxury Golf City.

Besides the fact that Resorts and CitiesMaster Planned Gated Communities properties have long-term increase in value which leads to great Return On Investment for Home Owners, many of today’s Kenyan luxury real estate projects/properties have been known to go down in price due to the fact that most of these real estate projects/properties tend to adapt and adjust to market conditions. It has been proven time and time again that Resorts and Cities Luxury Real
Estate Properties are definitely among the most outstanding Investment properties found within the region which means that every penny spent on the purchase will prove to have been well-spent.

Resorts and Cities Luxury Real Estate Properties are usually found within Exclusive Communities that offer direct access to the many Excellent Qualities that have made the region a World-Class destination. From the region’s fabulous Climate to its truly Divine Natural Beauty, people will be delighted to have the luxury of being able to view Spectacular Landscapes the brilliance of the African horizons and Breath-taking, unforgettable views of the Sunset in the African sky right from the comfort of their homes.

If you happen to be one of the millions who understands the immense value of being able to live within a location that offers the opportunity to indulge in the absolute luxury that comes with living in a World-Class Golf Resort City such as the Longonot Gate Luxury Golf City & Makuyu Ridge Luxury Golf City, then you should definitely consider investing with a Trusted Developer & Partner in Real Estate Property Investments, Resorts and Cities.

Resorts and Cities Superb Homes

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Resorts and Cities Green Building

Green building technologies for responsible sustainable living.

Today, everyone has realised the importance of saving the environment and going green is the new phenomenon. Every individual can make a contribution at their level by simply upgrading into a green home and following the green norms.

Traditionally, ecologists and governmental agencies were limiting green measures to larger sectors, but with deteriorating environmental conditions it has become critical to expand to community and individual scale as well. We are witnessing rapid urbanisation across the country in realty development and it would be prudent to look at a sustainable growth pattern for a formidable solution. Hence, developing green buildings is the way forward for reducing our carbon foot-prints and creating a healthier, cleaner and comfortable environment for our future generations.

opções binárias investimento mínimo What are green buildings?

A green building is a structure that is designed using principles and processes that are environmental friendly and resource efficient. With the co-operation of the design team, the architects and the engineers, Resorts and Cities developers, have found a fine balance between good designs and functions. Resorts and Cities green residential projects (Longonot Gate Luxury Golf City & Makuyu Ridge Luxury Golf City) seek to optimise the usage of natural resources, thereby developing eco-friendly sustainable buildings.

come creare un software per trading Benefits of a green building:

There are multiple benefits which can be derived by adapting the Resorts and Cities’s green technology strategies, which are incorporated in the construction of all our projects.

On broad classification these can be put into three categories – Environmental, Economical and Health.

Environmental benefits;
By living the Green Way, there is huge positive impact on the environment. Various measures implemented for this include:-

Waste water treatment – The famous Longonot Gate Luxury Golf City in Naivasha is a classic example of what adherence to water treatment and water-recycling could help benefit large scale landscapes such as Parks, Schools, Commercial sites, Golf Courses, artificial lakes as well as small scale residential landscapes. By passing waste water and effluents through a treatment process, the treated water can be safely released into the natural water sources and save them from contamination so they continue to sustain life.

Rain-water harvesting – In recent times, depletion of ground water has been observed due to the rampant usage for domestic and commercial consumption. With rain-water harvesting and creation of dams, ground water can be revived in a natural way.

Alternate-energy – With rising population and urbanisation, our power requirements have gone up manifolds. This power is generated through fossil fuels which are highly polluting and are the primary cause of global warming. By using alternative energy such as solar energy, wind energy and bio-mass energy we can harness natural energy and reduce the effects of global warming.

The urban heat island effect – Urban heat island effect can be defined as the rise in temperature of any man-made area, resulting in a well-defined, distinct “warm island” among the “cool sea” represented by the lower temperature of the area’s nearby natural landscape.

The heat islands may form on any rural or urban area, and at any spatial scale, nonetheless Resorts and Cities has introduced the unique Precast Concrete Technology in all its development projects which helps regulate temperatures within our buildings. Besides this construction method being durable, sturdy and takes less time, Resorts and Cities introduced to its clients this cost-effective construction technology that will reduce cost of building their homes by an estimated 30% compared to the amount the traditional method costs.
Economic benefits;
Being green also implies sustainability which means that a home by virtue of optimum natural resource utilization can meet maximum of its requirements. This in-turn reduces dependency on external sources and thereby, in a long-run, works out to be economical. Studies have shown that green homes are capable of water savings by approx. 60%, energy savings by approx. 30% and having almost zero waste discharge. Resorts and Cities has achieved all this by introducing environment conscious construction which utilises natural raw materials and technology that have long-term benefits.

For example – By installation of Solar panels in our holiday/retirement homes, one can avail free of cost power which brings down the electricity bill drastically. Also by setting-up Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and Water Recycling Units, water requirement for Landscaping and Golf course maintenance is met and this cuts down the unnecessary water bills.

Overall maintenance cost can be conveniently reduced by using low flow water fixtures that reduce water consumption, using natural materials for external wall finishes such as brick cladding (clay blocks) that provide thermal insulation, and maximum utilisation of natural day-light that lowers use of artificial lighting. Usage of these sensible architectural features and construction material, can ensure zero maintenance for a life time.

Health benefits;
A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body and for that, one requires a green and healthy environment. Green measures described earlier ensure that pollution at all stages is contained and this leaves natural resources in their best form for us and for the generations to come. By adapting green designing principles, Resorts and Cities can ensure maximum cross ventilation and creation of a cleaner environment within the homes. By using non-toxic products we ensure that the air we breathe-in is clean, hence alleviating ourselves from hazardous living conditions.

Hence, it is of paramount importance that as an individual we choose to live in a building designed with green principles. Having said this, it is very difficult for a common home-buyer to ascertain the efficiency of a building merely based on project brochures and literature. Thanks to Longonot Gate Luxury Golf City & Makuyu Ridge Luxury Golf City, this task is simplified.

As Resorts and Cities developers, we have to work towards creating communities that spell well-being of every home owner, residents residing within our gated communities and overall environment. A Resorts and Cities green property not only offers a sustainable and responsible living but also creates a better value proposition.

Resorts and Cities aims to be the national archetype in environmental stewardship. Achieving ecological and aesthetic harmony between the structures that we build and our natural environment is of critical importance to our Development Company. The Company’s projects incorporate ‘Green’ features that enable an efficient use of Resources, Energy, Water and Construction Materials. In all our developments we take meticulous care to reduce the impact of construction on human health and the environment around us.

We all can contribute towards safeguarding mother earth and it is never too late to start.

One Earth, One Home!!


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Resorts and Cities is a Trusted Developer & Partner in Property Investment.

Resorts and Cities


“It takes considerable knowledge to understand the extent of one’s ignorance.”

So goes an impactful saying that reflects human tendency to approach the unknown with doubt and trepidation. Today’s personal finance or investment scenario is a great example of how knowledge or lack of knowledge can influence our decision-making process. The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about investment instruments like fixed deposits, provident funds, equities and stocks, mutual funds is an overriding principle. The principle is a product of continuous messages that come our way through ‘advisors’ be it family , friends, colleagues, financial media and the internet.

What are your thoughts when someone mentions land as an investment instrument? (Chances are that it is not the most positive of reflections for many wannabe investors).

Does ignorance play a major factor in this perception?

Resorts and Cities”, the entity behind the world class Longonot Gate and Makuyu Ridge Luxury Golf Resorts and a leading property developer company well known across the East African region with its base in Nairobi, Kenya will make an attempt to dispense some myths about investing in land and inform our readers of the best practices to adopt and pitfalls to avoid when it comes to reinforcing your investment portfolio with land as an asset class.

Let’s take the example of an individual who wants to invest money to satisfy long-term goals in solid investment assets which will combine great returns with lower risk. While real estate will crop up as a possible option, there are various factors which make it seem unattractive. The volume of investment required in purchasing a holiday or a weekend home might seem too high. For a salaried individual, this involves heavy and lengthy financing options which will put a constraint on the quality of his family life. Adding to this, the murky reputation of the housing industry, non-transparent and long-drawn legal paperwork makes matters worse.

Let’s focus on an oft-ignored product in real estate that is land. Investment volumes are lower than other real estate products and returns are stable and are in the high category bracket if the locations are chosen correctly. Let’s get into details so we can explore the investment category to its full potential.

Land investment includes different kinds of potential investments like:

Residential development land: Land which is predominantly used to build houses. These plots can be used to build stand alone houses or apartment buildings.

Commercial land: Land whose intended use is commercial in nature like office space rentals or sale.

Farm land: Land that is typically devoted towards agriculture, so if you plan to cultivate on it, then invest in the farm land in accordance with its fertility level.

Land investment, like any investment option comes with its own set of advantages and challenges, which will depend primarily on your personal investment goals. The main goal of purchasing land is that it is a tangible asset and because of a constant and steady increase in demand, the returns are more assured over time. Land has better resale value with comparatively lower cost than other investment instruments.
Another advantage is that land is available at most locations and in different sizes; this makes it easier to invest in small portions and keep increasing the investment according to your savings and ability.

Entering into land investment can be substantial due to many reasons. Few reasons why you should think about investing in land are:
It is ‘Hands-off investment’; You don’t need to worry about too much of an extra cost for the upkeep of the area. With land investment, you only have to worry about its management or minimal maintenance to prevent encroachment.
Future plans; With vacant land, you will have many options like re-selling the land, building your house, building commercial property or convert it into farm land.
Value addition; For long term Land investment is more affordable. With less need for maintenance, you will save a considerable sum of money.

However, land investment can be tricky and also fraught with risks. In order to ensure safety of your venture, you will need to be mindful of a few things before investing:
Budget: Before you start research on your land investment options, take time to pan out your budget.
•Make a checklist and evaluate your savings and income to begin with.
•The amount you are willing to invest After all the calculations estimate how much amount you
will invest in land and keep in mind any legal or maintenance costs.

Research: This is probably the most crucial step in successfully investing in land. Exploring and collecting information regarding the investment is an essential step in making the right location and developer choice. Learn more about market trends and the news related to the area you are interested in. This information will add up to your overall knowledge regarding the sector and will aid your decision-making.

Market trends: Investigate further on the recent market reports and trends in the real estate sector. Keep an eye out for news related to price, popular investment plots or areas, investment options, type of land investments and details on whom to contact.

Pricing: When you are planning your different plot options, compare them on the basis of the amount and the quality they offer for that amount.

Features: A master planned development can be a game changer. For example, Longonot Gate & The Makuyu Ridge, leading Golf Resort Cities in Kenya located in Naivasha and Makuyu which are now bustling with commercial and residential properties. Longonot Gate & The Makuyu Ridge are world class Golf Resorts with integrated communities which includes well planned modern infrastructure such as roads, ICT connectivity, water supply, sewerage systems, power connections as well as other economic, leisure and state-of-the-art social amenities

Government policies or legal issues: The plot may be under litigation or may be due for a government project.

Zoning: Also note that a few areas may be categorized as forest land or can be in a coastal regulation zone. Investigate and enquire about these factors before you invest.

Location: Plots situated near a well-developed city or an airport, railway station or business sector will be a great investment. Try to invest in areas with proximity to such sectors, this will ensure maximum future returns. Even tourist spots can be good investment destinations. If you want to steer clear from these variables, then make sure you invest in Longonot Gate or Makuyu Ridge, leading Golf Resort Cities which both provide quality basic amenities at an affordable cost.
Workforce and labour: If you are planning to build a house or commercial property on the land or sell it to a developer, keep in mind the potential for employment prospects. If the plot is near a developed segment, the employment options will be aplenty.

Public transport and amenities: If you are planning to buy land in a location/place away from the cities hustles, it’s best to invest in projects like the Longonot Gate & Makuyu Ridge Luxury Golf Resort Cities which are connected by ultra-modern transport systems which include the Standard Gauge Railway and adjacent to the countries major Highways. The Luxury Golf Resort Cities also offer commercial amenities, Golf courses, Hotels, Hospital, Schools, Shopping malls, Sports centers, Cabro road networks, Universal ICT connectivity, Perimeter electric fences and 24 hour security and other amenities.
Scope of growth: Always invest in land where you see possibility of growth and development. This judgment will be easier if you thoroughly research your options.
Plan out your long-term goal: Land is not a liquid asset and the efforts are considerable when it comes to finding a buyer at a fair price. Make sure you have an alternative source of income or savings that you can bank upon during times of crisis. Your land investments will gain on capital appreciation when you sell the land. Long-term goals like child benefits or a retirement corpus are more suited to land investments. Planning will help you maximize returns and turn your venture into a success.

How long can you stay invested?

Resorts and Cities Developers have the unique experience and expertise to provide comprehensive analysis of not just one component of the project, but also the fundamentals of the larger Luxury Golf Resorts, communities and operations, as well as the interrelationship between Golf and other amenities within our mixed-use projects. Through the integration of the core hospitality services of Resorts “n” Cities, our firm can offer comprehensive analysis that is unmatched in the industry.

Remember, turning ignorance into knowledge and action is more a factor of your approach rather than purely focusing on the negatives and challenges of possible outcomes.

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Resorts and Cities is a Trusted Developer & Partner in Property Investment.

Happy 2016

Happy 2016..!!

The New Year is nearly there….

This is a good occasion to look back and to define the new aims for the year coming up. We are a company whose primary goal is to provide you high quality products at the best prices in the market offering you a friendly service. We will continue with our efforts in the coming year and we hope you prefer us.

We wish you lots of success.

Time To Invest in a Luxury Golf Resort Project planned to inject Billions into Kenyan Economy

Makuyu Ridge Golf  Resort is a thousand acre world class golf resort in Makuyu, Murang’a County, nestled on rolling ridges overlooking scenic coffee estates adjacent to the Greater Eastern bypass. It is the perfect place to escape the city hustle being only an hour’s drive from Nairobi. It is the perfect retreat for holiday and retirement homes.
Makuyu Ridge Press Release (Daily Nation 27th October 2015)
Set in the undulating hills of Murang’a County, Makuyu Ridge promises an experience of serenity and luxurious comfort.
The thousand acre resort will boast an 18 hole international championship golf course, arboretum, beautiful landscaped gardens resplendent with water features. The project is an
hour’s drive from Nairobi off the main Thika Sagana highway, and is also connected with the greater eastern bypass.
 The resort will also have cabro road networks, universal ICT
connectivity, perimeter electric fences and 24 hour security details. On completion of the projects, an anticipated 140 billion Shillings will have been injected into the economy through the construction of homes, commercial amenities, golf courses, hotels, hospital, schools, shopping malls, sports centres and other amenities.


Kenya Diaspora Homes Expo in Dallas, Boston and New Jersey


Greetings from Longonot Gate family, We trust that you are well. 
The Board and Management of Longonot Gate are glad to inform you that in partnership with Kings Pride, we will be attending the Kenya Diaspora Homes Expo in Dallas, Boston and New Jersey.
In Dallas, we shall be at Irving Convention Center.500 west las Colinas Boulevard, irving, tx 75039 as from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th July 2015.
After the Expo on July 3rd, you can still reach our team at Dallas from 3rd to 9th July 2015.
Our contact person Dancan
Cell :+1 469 818 5035, E-mail: /
In Boston, we shall be at Radisson Hotel in 10 independence Dr Chelmsford MA 01824 as from Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th.
Finally, in New Jersey we shall be at Hilton Chain Hotel as from 14th to 19th July 2015.
Longonot Gate homes construction has already started and is at advanced stages with some clients almost finishing up with their homes.
We are also delighted to announce to you that we will be launching our second project, Makuyu Ridge Development Limited in Muranga County in the near future.

Visit our Longonot Gate stand at Valley Arcade Today

Now is the best time to buy property. Today is a buyer’s market!!

The Board and Management of Longonot Gate are glad to invite you to visit our stand today at the Valley Arcade.

At Resorts ‘n’ Cities, we have the expertise required to help you identify your ideal property at our Golf Resort, Conference Centre and Leisure City project (Longonot Gate) located at the foot of Mt Longonot. It is just an hour’s drive away from Nairobi, and 8km off Moi South Lake Road, Naivasha. Not only do we have tremendous amount of industry experience, but we also have a firm grasp on the opportunities currently presented within the Kenyan real estate market.

We will walk you through the entire buying process, taking time to carefully listen to your real estate wish list.  We will present you with options, working in a proactive manner, to enable you to find the property that exactly matches your list of criteria.
We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you to present a plan that we know will produce great results in fulfilling your real estate needs and would consider working with you to achieve your goals both an honor and a privilege.
We are available and committed to working with you during the entire process, and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
For more information, you can visit our stand at the Valley Arcade TODAY.

Now is the time to buy, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Ideas to Get Your Bathroom Organized

Whether your bathroom is big or small, there are always plenty of different beauty and health essentials: lotions, makeup stuff, toiletries, towels etc, even if you live alone. And sometimes, the drawers aren’t enough for everything. You don’t have to spend much time and money organizing bathroom essentials. Master the bathroom mess and turn it into your sanctuary – a real relaxation place simply by following these easy steps.
1. Toilet paper storage. 
It may sound a bit funny, but you can use a tall vase for toilet paper storage! Picking a clear vase means you will never forget to restock the “TP”. It’s like the constant visible reminder to restock. Also, this is a smart way to make toilet supplies look more esthetically pleasing. You can leave The TP in plain sight, and your guests won’t have to search for a new roll.
2. Hanging baskets. 
This is a nice way to store towels or other supplies using minimum area of your bathroom. All you need is to buy inexpensive rectangular baskets in the local shop for home decor. The baskets should be lightweight, made from straw. Hang them using just a screwdriver. Ready! You can also opt for shelves for easy access to your towels and other toiletries.
3. Ladder.
Another project for your bathroom. Find an old ladder in your garage or buy a heap one from the hardware store. Wooden will work well, because you’ll be able to decorate it according to the design of your bathroom. Paint it in the color you want. Also, you can try for a vintage or Provence look – very stylish! Pick the best place for the ladder, and now you can use it to hang your fresh towels. Your guests will be amazed by this unique way to display your towels.

4. Organize your makeup items.
Almost every girl has this annoying problem: losing your lipsticks, blushes, brushes and other important makeup items all over the bathroom. Here is a really nice problem solver: use a magnetic makeup holder. It looks really stylish, makes a good display in your bathroom and holds all the precious beauty stuff in one place. If you don’t want to spend extra money on a magnetic holder, make it yourself using just a picture frame, metal list, glue and spray or acrylic paint or self-adhesive decorative covering. And don’t forget to attach mini magnets to each of your makeup items.
5. Pocket organizer.
Such a useful and easy way to get an extra storage space. Hang it behind cabinet doors and store any household items in your bathroom you want. Usually you can find such pockets in any home improvement store, there are plenty of different variations, designs and colors, including holders with labels on each pocket for a more accurate organizing.
6. Mason jars for small things.
Tired of endless makeup sponges, cotton balls, sticks and brushes all over the place? This organizing trick is for you. Mason jars are really adorable and they will fit almost any bathroom design. You can actually just store them on shelves, but for more interesting look try this craft project: attach jars to the wood using hose clamps and then attach it to the wall. You will save extra space and add more zest to your bathroom.
7. Organize bathroom drawers.
There is a great solution for organization of all the cosmetics, creams, lotions, toothpastes and other products in your drawers. You will need inexpensive plastic baskets that are available in many stores. Put them in drawers sorting by groups of products. Now you won’t need to get nervous looking for the certain lotion among a pile of stuff in the drawer.
8. Install an extra shelf above the door.
Simple but genius idea for getting more space for bathroom essentials. Store your less used things like extra towels, cleaning accessories etc. up there. Keep smaller items in boxes or bins. Make sure the shelf is well-supported. It is better to choose a wooden one and fix it with screws.
Well there you have it; our 8 ways to get your bathroom organized. You’ll be felling a lot better once things are in their right place.



Wishing Muslims around the world a happy Ramadan..!!


The Longonot Gate Golf Course is set to stand out as among the best golf courses in Africa.

The Longonot Gate Golf Course, an 18-hole par 72 championship course at the foothills of the picturesque Mount Longonot – which is nearing completion, is set to stand out as among the best golf courses in Africa.
It adds to Irish David Jones’ 17 greatest design feats – in Kenya, Tanzania, Turkey, Finland and Ireland.
The legendary golfer describes the course as an ‘African Savannah Golf Course’ which sensitive to the environment and set against a dramatic and eye-catching landscape.
In his design objective, Jones set out for a blend of a wonderful golf challenge and an enjoyable golf course – in a true Kenyan setting.
A world-class golf course that features interesting greens and provides amazing views, is overlooked by Mount Longonot at the back and a beautiful Lake Naivasha from the front view. With some 206 houses interspersed along the course – is a magnificent scene to behold.
The course is expected to be ready for use by August 2015.
A genuinely user friendly course, but with some subtle and challenging holes featuring winding fairways and tropical savannah vegetation, it will require good strategic thinking to master it.

It places a premium on accurate approaches, with plenty of strategically-placed bunkers and water hazards sprinkled around the layout to test even the best. While the fairways are mostly wide, any wayward shots could be gobbled up by punishing rough.
A number of enhanced seasonal rivers cut across various holes including 7th, 8th, 14th and 15. A variety of other lovely water features are found on holes number 9, 14, 15, and 18.
The active water features on holes number 9 and 18 pose a big challenge to the golfers -requiring one to think to keep the ball right on the fairways and onto the green.
The par 3s – number 5, 8, 11 and 15 to have river beds, with number 2 and 11 featuring the beautiful Longonot environment.
Jones singles out the strategic water features on holes number 9 and 18 as the hallmarks of the course. “The one (water feature) on number 18 is most eye-catching as it cascades in front of the green, with a water-hazard lake on the right hand side. And with its raised green, spectators will have a spectacular view from the club terraces right into Lake Naivasha,” says the retired golfer.
The scenic par-four 18th is his signature hole on the course. It is the toughest and most challenging, allowing little room for error.
“Keep it straight off the tee, get it over the cascade onto the raised green; avoiding the lake on the right and cope with the green contours under the critical eye of the spectators watching you from the club house terrace,” says Jones who also designed the magnificent Vipingo Ridge in Kilifi County, and the Aberdare Hills in Naivasha as well as the Kiligolf at Usa River between the northern Tanzanian city of Arusha and Moshi in Kilimanjaro region.
With 50 years experience playing on many different courses in the world, Jones says he had no difficulties on the design concept of the course.
“Having climbed Mt Longonot in 1989, I had an impeccable knowledge of the surrounding area. It is in the same year that I recorded one of my best career wins with the Kenya Open, after several appearances,” he added.



After reading Robert’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I learned it was up to me to make the decision to become part of the middle class poor, or to choose to be rich, and get even richer.  I chose the latter.  Not only have Robert’s books helped me change my outlook – and my life, but his newest book, Second Chance, is truly written for those of us who have been challenged, like me.

In Second Chance, Robert Kiyosaki proffers the theory that when one can see the future before it happens, he/she can make choices, thus changing his/her future.  Second Chance, according to Robert, “was designed so the reader can see into their future.”  Had I known about this before, I would have prepared a plan to transition into something else long before it was too late.

Robert Kiyosaki understands that the financial experts of today play it safe and are extremely conservative, while the middle class are being ripped off, and the rich are getting even richer.  Financial freedom is not a “one size fits all” concept.  There are three sides to every coin: heads, tails, and the edge of the coin from which we can see the full picture. I used to stand on one side.  Today, I stand on the edge.

I continue to learn more and more from him, I can see how to make the most out of my financial, professional, and personal lives.  Now, I challenge each and every person reading this blog to a “do over” or “second chance”.  Even if you don’t feel you need one, and you think your life is perfect, there is always room for improvement.  If you aren’t standing on the edge of the coin in all aspects of your life, move to the edge on just one, and gain perspective you never thought possible.

What will you change?  What will you do differently?

If creating financial freedom and increasing your wealth is important to you, I invite you to invest with us at Longonot Gate.