Commercial Properties\\\\\\\\\'m-not-connected-to-matchmaking-servers-cs-go Longonot Gate has reserved several sites for the investment in commercial properties. These will not only provide the Longonot Gate community with extended services, but have tremendous potential to be self-sustaining business enterprises in their own right. These include 4 ecolodges, a spa resort, 2 petrol station sites, a school, a hospital, an office park and a polo field with stabling facilities.

hdfc netbanking login forex The sites are fully serviced, with water, power and ICT connections available. Additionally, the owners will have automatic membership of the golf club. The title deeds are all ready, and will be issued to the investor on a 99 year lease basis. The Ecolodges and Spa Sites:
Longonot Gate has dedicated 5 unique and spectacular sites to the creation of 4 ecolodges and a spa to provide entertainment, education and retreat venues within Longonot Gate. The respective sizes are:

Ecolodge site 1: 5.7 acres
Ecolodge site 2: 19.6 acres
Ecolodge site 3: 11.4 acres
Ecolodge site 4: 10.43 acres
Spa acreage: 5.1 acres

These will also be jump-off point for adventurous hikes and cycling tours to exotic sites like Mt. Longonot, the Menengai Crater, Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru, Lake Elementaita and Hell’s Gate.
The lodges will also be a perfect place to plan trips to breathtaking explorations of Mt Kenya, the Aberdare Range, the isolated Rift Valley lakes Baringo and Bogoria and Masai Mara.
The ecolodges will also provide exclusive options for accommodation and services in the hands of nature for guests of the Longonot Gate community, as well as for golfers at the world class golf course.
Over and above providing accommodation and recreational opportunities, the resorts will be models of development that leave the smallest possible environmental footprint. Recycling, green energy, the use of natural and local materials will be a conspicuous trait, along with adherence to sound eco-friendly practices. About the Hospital site:
Provision has been made for the construction of a state-of -the-art hospital within the city on 10 acres.
The primary beneficiaries will be the inhabitants of Longonot Gate; however, there is a real need for hospital of this status within this fast growing, relatively affluent area as there is no hospital of this caliber closer than Nairobi.

The hospital will also potentially be able to set up units to cater for specialized treatment to specific categories of people, such as, orthopedic, renal and cardiac units, as well as host pharmaceutical and physiotherapy services.

The Office Park Site:
The Longonot Gate Office Park offers investors a unique opportunity to help shape the commercial future of the region with this project.
Located on 6 acres adjacent to the main commercial site and the hotel, the Office Park will attract exclusive occupancy. It will provide convenient and customised workspaces for residents who will prefer to run their businesses from within Longonot Gate, or for retiree and holiday home owners who will require office space to keep tabs on their investments.

Office Park

We also expect to have services such as banks, restaurants and supermarkets within the office park. We also expect to have business centres to provide meeting places and business service hub to serve even those Longonot Gate residents and visitors who do not have offices in the premises.
This development promises to be a centre of business activity within Longonot Gate and the entire region, and will be a healthy and singular investment.

opcje binarne wskaźniki The Petrol Station sites:
As part of our efforts to build a self-sustaining Longonot Gate community and to place professionally built and managed amenities conveniently close to the members, we have set aside two prime 1 acre sites for petrol stations and affiliated services.
As well as the standard amenities available to all the plot buyers, developers of these commercial services will enjoy exclusive facilities that will enhance the productivity and profitability of the petrol stations.

Petrol Station

The petrol stations will serve a market that will consist of over 500 vehicles, as well as a revolving population of transient vehicles that will include those of visitors and those of the population residing adjacent to Longonot Gate.
Additionally, the developers will be able to construct and run the services that enhance the attraction of the petrol station, such as garage and car wash services, spare part sales, cars sales, tire sales and convenience store services.
Only one of the petrol station sites remains available.

tecniche per lavorare su opzioni binarie About the polo and stables site:
Longonot Gate offers a unique investment opportunity for polo enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.
Situated at the heart of one of the world’s most singular tourism circuits, the site is located in a secure and pristine area. Located only 70 kilometers from Nairobi, it is easily accessible both within Longonot Gate and from Nairobi via a permanent road network.

Polo Stables

At just under 16 acres, there is ample room not only for setting up polo grounds capable of hosting international tourneys, but also for the development of other equestrian pursuits such as a riding school, horseback ecotourism and commercial stabling.
Longonot Gate will also offer ancillary facilities such as ecolodges, an 18-hole world class golf course and other amenities that both home and guest players can enjoy.

About the School site:
At Longonot Gate, we have set aside a 20 acre site to be used for the construction of a first class school to cater for children of the residents. The school will also benefit children in the surrounding towns, as well as those further afield if there are boarding facilities.


There is adequate room for the construction of both academic and co-curricular facilities of the highest standards, as well as staff and support quarters.
Students will benefit greatly from the atmosphere at Longonot Gate, from the additional facilities available within the city, and the availability of numerous sites and activities in the surrounding area.