First Kenyan expressway to launch in 2018

In the month of august of 2017, a contract document was signed to allow Bechtel, a US company to start the construction of a high speed highway trunk road from Nairobi to Mombasa  in 2018 linking the capital with the main port much more efficiently. The road is set to be a four lane road with provisions to expand it to a six lane trunk road in the future. This owes to the long time it takes traveling from Nairobi to Mombasa which is 10 to 12 hours because of carriage trucks. The high speed highway is said to provide motorists at maintaining constant speeds of 120 kmh which reduces the travel time to about 4 hours.

The road is set to supplement the Madaraka express railway which also helps in easing traffic by reducing the amount of trucks on the road. The expressway is set to pave way for further trading in the country by providing faster means of transport and more in terms of volume that the Kenyan road can transport to our neighbouring landlocked countries like Uganda and further to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This will then enhance infrastructure and ensure growing of the major cities and the region in general as more industries will be put in place along the road. There is also the completion of the Isiolo-Moyale road which has reduced travel time from over three days from Nairobi in the muddy terrain to about 10 hours now in a well tarmacked road.

Growth of the cities means that more housing units with be required in the Nairobi metropolitan area. The Longonot area provides such proximity to both Naivasha and Nairobi. The Longonot gate development project is also just on the foot of Mt Longonot providing a breathtaking view of the mountain and its environs. We also have a major project Makuyu ridge in Murang’a County in metropolitan Nairobi.

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Ban on twisted rebars and construction of masonry walls

Construction process should be followed to the letter to ensure that everything goes on according to plan and avoiding incidences of collapse due to ignorance or alternative cost-cutting methods that some end up being fatal for the users of the structures be it roads or buildings.

These new methods of construction should be researched on completely and should be well tested by imposing all sorts of possible loads, dead loads which is the weight of the structure itself, live loads which are loads resulting from objects imposed such as human beings and furniture as well as environmental loads which include earthquake loads and wind loads. This should be conducted by a well versed body of consultants approved by a government or any other authoritative body to conduct such researches.

It has become a norm in Kenya, especially in the rural areas, where a building is to be framed (constructed with columns and beams and also the slabs) people tend to start erecting the walls, called the infill masonry which is part of the dead loads, first before the frame which should be the case, and leaving ample space to put up the columns.

This is because the frame, the columns and beams, is the structural elements of the building and even if the wall was to be demolished the structure would still stand because the frame is the load bearing elements of the buildings. Buildings which are framed and also rely on walls as load bearing, called the confined masonry, to support the structure are called wall bearing structures and are mostly used in residential construction. In such structures, both the frame and the walls are built together.

There is also, although a matter that is being eradicated in Kenya, the use of twisted steel bars as rebars (reinforcement bars) in concrete structures that have been banned in Kenya. The bars commonly known as ‘Y8, Y10 and the likes’ have been banned as they have been related to poor tensile strength as compared to deformed/ribbed bars that are the preferred.

In the East African region, Kenya was the only country which still manufactured the bars up until the ban. This may be attributed to the fact that many people may lose the jobs of twisted bars in the process but it is a necessary evil for the greater good of saving lives.

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Project manager a core resource to a Project

There have been, not in the distant past, many cases of buildings collapsing in Kenya. This is most of the time attributed to not using professionals who ensure that the project requirements are followed and ensured from start to finish. Lack of a professional ensuring and overseeing the construction project brings in the lack of accountability as in the case of buildings collapsing such as the one in Huruma, Nairobi.

Therefore there is need of a project manager for every major project and we at Resorts and Cities Development Company ensure that our projects are overseen by a project manager. We value our projects and we ensure that the progress made in them is known

The problem of lack of accountability most of the times is attributed to ‘quacks’ in the industry of project management. The National Lands Commission (NLC) also is ensuring that all contractors and construction workers are licensed to eradicate the problems of ‘quacks’ in the industry. New bodies such as the Association of Construction Managers of Kenya (ACMK) have a bill in parliament to ensure that all major projects have a project manager overseeing the whole construction process to ensure that there isn’t ever any problem of lack of accountability when such incidences occur.

Most people especially, in this case, residential owners get rid of the employed professionals such as architects, civil engineers or construction managers as soon as after the design stage is complete in order to save on cash not understanding the greater cost at hand in terms of saving lives and also project costs.

Accountability means that the job will be taken seriously to avoid repercussions which have penalties on the one responsible for the project.

Most people who are hired to supervise the construction based on trust or ‘some’ experience try as much as possible to minimize on costs and pocket the rest, for example by purchasing less cement and using more aggregate and sand reducing the strength of structures, and  therefore incidences of failures in buildings and them collapsing occurs. They may also be incidences such as theft on site where cement is stolen to be resold leading to losses and hence the need, in major construction projects such as Longonot Gate and Makuyu Ridge for professionals who ensure proper inventory, storage, security and use of materials which in the long run minimizes on such costs.

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Infrastructure development and new technology in Kenya

Infrastructure which is still one of our main challenges in Kenya will have a great impact in our economy. The standard gauge railway dubbed ‘Madaraka Express railway’ in which the second phase, phase 2A, which is 120 kilometres long from Nairobi to Naivasha has been approved although the actual construction has not been started.

The standard gauge railway, 1435mm in gauge as compared to the 1000mm metre in gauge previously used in Kenya provides interconnectivity between countries due to a common gauge size and it also provides for faster moving passenger and cargo trains due to stability.

The railway passes through the escarpments of Mai Mahiu and behind the Longonot Mountains from the perspective of one in the Longonot Gate project which is just at the foot of the beautiful Mt. Longonot. Well over 50% of the world uses the standard gauge railway. There is also a dry port to be set up in Naivasha enhancing infrastructure in the region.

Longonot Gate has set aside 10 acres to build a modern referral and training hospital which we advise investors to invest in to better our medical infrastructure for treatment in Kenya rather than having to travel abroad and having exorbitant expenses on your bill.

There is also 20 acres set aside for a dam which is currently underway as well as a dam to service the 18-hole golf course area approximately 700 acres and several boreholes in the gated community. This will ensure that there will never be scarcity of water.

There is a 95 kilometre cabro paved road network also currently underway which has already been excavated and road base material as well as kerbs put in place, currently remaining the laying of quarry dust so as to start cabro paving. To service the cars on this network shall be two one acre pieces of land set aside for petrol stations one near each gate. Drainage on the road side is also almost complete.

bdswiss wirklich gut New design technologies in Kenya.

In our projects, there is the incorporation of sustainable technologies like the use of eco-friendly biofilter septic tank systems whereby the solid waste is separated from the liquid, the solid waste then decomposes hence stays for longer without the need of removing the waste while the liquid waste may be used around the garden or recycled or to drain pipes.

The Longonot Gate, owing to its name, has large entrance structures on both entrances from the Old Naivasha road and the main Naivasha route.

The gates are also almost through with basically the finishes only remaining whereby from the top to half there will be concrete finish and the lower half will be of mazeras finish.

Kenya has been gradually changing from traditional methods of constructing houses to more advanced methods that are set to reduce the amount of financing of major projects through use of efficient equipments and well designed plans and schedules for the projects. Resorts and Cities Development Company has incorporated some of these technological advancements in Kenya owing to the need of efficiency in cost and time management in construction.

We give you the option of using the traditional stone and mortar houses or using the cast concrete method which has been in Kenya for some time but never really been exploited as much. By using the precast concrete method it is possible to complete your house in less than 6 months.

Also with the precast method there is really no need of using plaster so as to paint them as the surfaces are already smoothened to finish hence only the need of cleaning them and ensuring all cracks are sealed, applying concrete primer and painting on them. Most projects in fact in urban areas are incorporating such methods and they have really done exceptionally.

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Construction in Kenya in general and our projects.

The construction industry in Kenya is one of the fastest growing industries particularly due to the increase in development projects from private investments as well as government funded investments.

These values are, however, rounded off to the nearest whole value.

Statistics definitely don’t lie, Kenya is ranked at position 72 in terms of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) worldwide and position 9 in the African continent.

The construction industry on average for the past few years has contributed to about 7% of the GDP in Kenya this means that the construction industry has a driving factor in the economy. The GDP which is the value, usually in dollars, of all final goods and services consumed within the country for a period of time, usually it is calculated in a year.

The fact that the construction industry has a significant impact in the driving force of the economy means that better investments in the industry could go a long way in increasing the economic development and putting Kenya in a better position in development growth.

Longonot Gate and Makuyu Ridge projects from Resorts and Cities Development Company being one of these projects seek to provide such investment opportunities. We provide facilities such as serene homes for holidays, retirement homes and family homes to live in. Despite even the anticipated election whereby most companies particularly construction and distributor companies adopt a ‘wait-and-see’ sort of business; the construction industry has only slightly decreased in contribution to the GDP in Kenya in 2017.

go here The Need for new housing units in Kenya.

Well over 60% of all people living in urban areas live in slums in Kenya where the conditions are usually not usually as good as you would wish them to be.

The main reason of course being Nairobi, home to about 4 million Kenyans, lacks in decent affordable homes to live in but the other reason being that the city is getting over populated and hence the new development of housing projects near the city to settle the population that is getting a bit too crowded. Kenyan urban lands say there is a deficit of about 250 000 housing units per year.

The Longonot Gate and Makuyu Ridge projects are set to offer high end homes and also far away from the hustle of Nairobi area in a serene location 20 kilometres away from Naivasha town. The project is one of the largest in Kenya with over 2400 acres of land procured for the gated community.

It ranges in various selected designs suitable for the clientele and it is located at the foot of Mt Longonot



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