Project manager a core resource to a Project

There have been, not in the distant past, many cases of buildings collapsing in Kenya. This is most of the time attributed to not using professionals who ensure that the project requirements are followed and ensured from start to finish. Lack of a professional ensuring and overseeing the construction project brings in the lack of accountability as in the case of buildings collapsing such as the one in Huruma, Nairobi.

opções binarias 60 segundos Therefore there is need of a project manager for every major project and we at Resorts and Cities Development Company ensure that our projects are overseen by a project manager. We value our projects and we ensure that the progress made in them is known

The problem of lack of accountability most of the times is attributed to ‘quacks’ in the industry of project management. The National Lands Commission (NLC) also is ensuring that all contractors and construction workers are licensed to eradicate the problems of ‘quacks’ in the industry. New bodies such as the Association of Construction Managers of Kenya (ACMK) have a bill in parliament to ensure that all major projects have a project manager overseeing the whole construction process to ensure that there isn’t ever any problem of lack of accountability when such incidences occur.

Most people especially, in this case, residential owners get rid of the employed professionals such as architects, civil engineers or construction managers as soon as after the design stage is complete in order to save on cash not understanding the greater cost at hand in terms of saving lives and also project costs.

Accountability means that the job will be taken seriously to avoid repercussions which have penalties on the one responsible for the project.

Most people who are hired to supervise the construction based on trust or ‘some’ experience try as much as possible to minimize on costs and pocket the rest, for example by purchasing less cement and using more aggregate and sand reducing the strength of structures, and  therefore incidences of failures in buildings and them collapsing occurs. They may also be incidences such as theft on site where cement is stolen to be resold leading to losses and hence the need, in major construction projects such as Longonot Gate and Makuyu Ridge for professionals who ensure proper inventory, storage, security and use of materials which in the long run minimizes on such costs. Visit our Open Site Offices: Monday-Saturday from 8am to 5pm

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