Construction in Kenya in general and our projects.

en iyi forex platformu The construction industry in Kenya is one of the fastest growing industries particularly due to the increase in development projects from private investments as well as government funded investments.

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Statistics definitely don’t lie, Kenya is ranked at position 72 in terms of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) worldwide and position 9 in the African continent.

The construction industry on average for the past few years has contributed to about 7% of the GDP in Kenya this means that the construction industry has a driving factor in the economy. The GDP which is the value, usually in dollars, of all final goods and services consumed within the country for a period of time, usually it is calculated in a year.

The fact that the construction industry has a significant impact in the driving force of the economy means that better investments in the industry could go a long way in increasing the economic development and putting Kenya in a better position in development growth.

Longonot Gate and Makuyu Ridge projects from Resorts and Cities Development Company being one of these projects seek to provide such investment opportunities. We provide facilities such as serene homes for holidays, retirement homes and family homes to live in. Despite even the anticipated election whereby most companies particularly construction and distributor companies adopt a ‘wait-and-see’ sort of business; the construction industry has only slightly decreased in contribution to the GDP in Kenya in 2017.

Tastylia (Tadalafil) 100% guarantee of pleasure non prescription premarin The Need for new housing units in Kenya.

Well over 60% of all people living in urban areas live in slums in Kenya where the conditions are usually not usually as good as you would wish them to be.

The main reason of course being Nairobi, home to about 4 million Kenyans, lacks in decent affordable homes to live in but the other reason being that the city is getting over populated and hence the new development of housing projects near the city to settle the population that is getting a bit too crowded. Kenyan urban lands say there is a deficit of about 250 000 housing units per year.

The Longonot Gate and Makuyu Ridge projects are set to offer high end homes and also far away from the hustle of Nairobi area in a serene location 20 kilometres away from Naivasha town. The project is one of the largest in Kenya with over 2400 acres of land procured for the gated community.

It ranges in various selected designs suitable for the clientele and it is located at the foot of Mt Longonot



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