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What schemes or developments might be unlocked by improved infrastructure?

buy Pregabalin cheap uk Resorts and Cities property developers estimate that with additional local financial controls and freedom to invest, one million additional jobs could be created in Kenya’s regional cities by 2030, which would add a substantial amount of money to the economy but also have major implications for commercial property. Much of the new infrastructure proposed by Resorts and Cities over the next five will help unlock development sites, raise the potential for employment growth, and increase the potential amount of investment into the commercial property sector.

forex exchange dong Indeed, this is indeed already happening, for example with recent launch of Makuyu Ridge Luxury Golf Resort in Makuyu (Murang’a County). The Makuyu Ridge Luxury Golf Resort is projected to inject Sh60 billion into the country’s economy within the next five years. The Sh5 billion Makuyu Ridge project will be built on a 1,000­acre piece of land about 72 kilometers from the capital Nairobi. The project will boast of an 18­hole World Class Golf Course, a Shopping Mall, a Hotel, a Convention Centre, an Office Park, a Church, a Medical Centre, a Model county school, a Police Station, Eco­Lodges and a Petrol Station. Kenya can now provide a good example of the importance of transport infrastructure for commercial development. Since the launch of the Standard Gauge Railway project (which is expected to increase cargo trains speed up to 120kms/hr and passenger trains at 180km/hr), high increases in stocks have been focused around those areas that the project connects and we believe that the project will have a great impact on infrastructure development as well.

This trend of station-centric development is likely to replicate itself in the core cities, given their strategic importance. Among the top major beneficiaries of the Standard Gauge Railway project is a multi-billion resort city project dubbed, The Longonot Gate Resort City plans to construct a new modern railway station on site are currently underway in order to ensure that residents residing within this gated community project get and enjoy the benefits of better connectivity. The Luxurious Longonot Gate Resort City is the first (If not the only) resort city to have an integrated modern railway system within its project. Resorts and Cities Developers have recognized the importance of embracing new technologies that are efficient, cost effective, safe for everyone and is taking a number of initiatives to develop The Longonot Gate as a Model City. The resort city project will feature a Convection Center, Shopping complex, commercial entities which include Schools, Hospitals, Museum, Golf Clubs and a College are being set up along, which will immensely benefit the local population. At present, there are just a few plots remaining with more than 90% of the property having already been sold. All of this reflects renewed investor confidence in the regional commercial property markets. This has also been assisted in part by the large number of major infrastructure projects linked to the core cities which are likely to contribute towards an increase in demand as a result.

enter site Investing in new infrastructure and improving existing resources has several benefits for property development.

  • Brand new sites which were previously undevelopable or lacked sufficient access become feasible with new roads, modern train stations, Commercial amenities…etc.
  • New infrastructure encourages regeneration of existing markets and interchanges of the sort that Makuyu & Naivasha are currently witnessing and is starting to take place following the launch of the mega Luxury Resort Cities projects such as The Makuyu Ridge Luxury Golf Resort in Makuyu and The Longonot Gate Resort City in Naivasha.
  • It also increases the attractiveness of a location, with improved housing, commercial amenities and better transport systems and also by allowing labour supply from a wider catchment area.

enter Resorts and Cities Developers will provide you with a detailed guide of the key infrastructures within each of the resort cities project, what we’re looking to deliver and the potential in our commercial properties.

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