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Longonot Gate is the premier holiday, golf, leisure and conference resort city in East Africa.

The city is set in 2400 acres of prime land at the foot of Mt Longonot, near the resort Rift Valley town of Naivasha, just one hour’s drive from Nairobi.

The project boasts state of the art facilities that include a cabro road network, a perimeter electric fence, 24 hour security, and universal ICT connectivity.

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House taking shape Almost completed House  House final finishing House Interior Roads taking shape Roads Landscape Dam Boreholes Residential House House After Happy Family Scenery

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Longonot Gate house at a distant taking shape

Almost completed House

Longonot Gate house almost completed

House final finishing

Longonot Gate almost completed house

House Interior

Longonot Gate house interior finishes

Roads taking shape

Longonot Gate roads taking shape


An almost completed section of the Longonot Gate road network


Clear sky and the beautiful landscape


Water reservoir among the facilities on completion phase


Boreholes have been sunk to facilitate adequate water supplies

Residential House

One of the residential under construction

House After

An image of a completed Longonot Gate house

Happy Family

Wholesome, family friendly lifestyle of Longonot Gate


Brilliant sunset seen through a Euphorbia tree in Longonot Gate

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